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Our Bloggers investigate how life on the web is making it easier for misogynistic hate crime, social distancing online love when emotional expediency is a must, we ask:“Is speed dating a rush for disposable partners or a realistic dating alternative?” We reflect how since her exhibition, our digitalised emotional state may have become less sensitive than a bot. London based artist Cecile B Evans responds to the media leaks, using robots, bots and gadgets to leak the stories in her 2016 robotic hysteria at the Tate.

Beekeeping project creates buzz in L8

Young children in Toxteth have been busy beekeeping in a special project to teach the importance of the insects to our survival.  Under the watchful eye of local ‘bee whisperer’ Barry Chang, dozens of children,…

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Lockdown has increased our insatiable fix for vivid digitized technicolor is urged by our desire to dream. A world  of skies you’d never think could get bluer, grass green on every side, water bodies calm…

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WXmen onLine? Covid and online dating

Text: “You have one new message in your Facebook Messenger.”  Out of curiosity, I checked my mobile immediately.  Text: Anonymous user: “Do you want to go out for dinner with me?”  Me: “No. Anonymous user:…

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‘Sprung a leak’, a robotic hysteria?

Hi-tech provocation by Cécile B. Evans shows that robots beat humans when it comes to playing Shakespeare, a humanoid drama describes emotions and new technology. We are told ad nauseam that robots are close to…

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