International Women’s Day
Merseyside: Online Solidarity Event

The month of March celebrates international Women’s Day and the theme for 2021 is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world. As always, women and girls have suffered the toll of covid 19 and this year we celebrate the tremendous efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future and recovery from the COV ID-19 pandemic.

On 8th March, this year’s event celebrates our diversity and will connect women’s voices from an array of international and local activists who are challenging barriers and shaping how women and girls can exist as equals in a global world, promoting the strength of Sisterhood and the struggle for equality.

Looking back over the four years of post-Trump, from his inauguration, the ‘Pink ‘Pussy Hats’ and ‘A Day Without a Woman’ to shout out misogyny and sexual discrimination, mobilising women globally and forcing feminism back onto the agenda. Whilst Trump has gone, the scars of his years in the White House are etched deeply. Me Too, Black Lives Matter, Waspi, etc the list is endless by women who continue the fight for Equal.

Join us at this online event, hosted in Liverpool (UK) and reaching out to activists across the globe. From health campaigners in our city, to trade unionists in Belarus; spanning mutual aid, migrant solidarity, feminism and workers rights; let’s celebrate the women who are fighting injustice and winning struggles all over the world.

This 90 minute event will include speakers, poetry and music, and attendees can choose to take part in one of three breakout discussions:

Women and the Impact of COVID-19
International Solidarity
Women’s Health

Jointly organised by: Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital, Merseyside People Before Profit, Socialist Health Association and Collective Encounters.

Full list of speakers to be confirmed.

The event will take place on Zoom. Register here to access the link:

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